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 Septembre 19 & 20  
 the Ydral Club celebrates its 30 years of existence 

Many exceptional vehicules d’exception, with 2, 3 et 4 wheels YDRAL engine

very rarely presented to the public, will be present on the stand.

Catherine-Sophie Bouillard  will be delighted to meet you

and will dedicate her book


 Esplanade du Fécheray in Suresnes, during the "auto-rétro" exhibition 
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Summer special offer

Pack cadeau été copie.jpg

the book and its bookmark

+ its protective case 

+ the backpack 

+ a film-coated bag

59,00 € + delivery 9,50 € = 68,50 €   

49,00 €

"This carefully presented 207

page book really pleased me,

it is lively and pleasantly written, which does not

spoil anything.

Make yourself happy."

François Arsène

La Vie de la Moto

"A new testimony of the wealth of our motorcyclist


Jean Jacques Cholot

Caradisiac moto

"More than 200 rich pages of 750 documents and photos !

It will be necessary to hurry because this beautiful book will be printed only to

1000 copies."

Philippe Bidault

La Vie de la Moto

"A superb reference book, essential for all fans of Motorsport and Vintage Vehicles."

Gilles Gaignault


YDRAL  The book

The incredible story of Anatole Lardy's ENGINE 

Written by her granddaughter 

Catherine-Sophie Bouillard


Make no mistake, this book is about the passion, passion and dream … Of the material also, of the scrap metal as saying some people.

It is the alchemy which connects the inventor, Anatole Lardy, to his admirers, in the sound of the powerful vibrations of his 2 strokes, mythical engines of the post-war years.

It is of course the family saga, the smells and the noises of the factory, the strong characters which are going to develop the company; day after day they will improve and produce this wonderful and fascinating engines.

The excitement of the races is sometimes at its maximum, the pilots face all the challenges, because they like and defend the colors of their idol:  the brand Ydral.

Finally, it is the discovery of a club of enthusiasts whose work allow the preservation of these French heritage of the 50s and keep the memory of Anatole Lardy always alive.

Catherine-Sophie Bouillard



At the heart of the motocycle world of the 50s

The history, the factory, the productions

60 brands-assemblers who adopted the engine YDRAL for their mopeds, light motorcycles, small cars, delivery tricycles and the improbable machines

Races and team YDRAL

Catherine-Sophie Bouillard, ex-business manager, happy grandmother of 5 grandchildren, granddaughter of Anatole Lardy, wished to make known the industrial, sports and family adventure of the company created by her grandfather, whom she has never known

Unconsciousness, the challenge… she had not imagined the route in which she made a commitment! If the beginnings were relatively easy with the history of the family, the continuation was unmistakably more difficult.

During these 4 years necessary for the realization of this book Catherine-Sophie Bouillard has, collected indefatigably documents, photos, anecdotes, explored promising tracks, made discoveries which nobody would have imagined, sometimes false, with, of course, moments of doubt, but she has never deviated from its initial project.

She tells us, with her alive style, the history of Ydral and the 70 brands which used this engine for machines intended for the daily travels as well as for races. She plunges us into the universe of these women and these men who instilled, after the war, the beginnings of our modern world.

Follow her in "post-war economic booms", and, more particularly in the 50s.​

which adopted

the engine YDRAL

for their vehicules.

+ 70


125, 175,

250 and 300cmENGINES

equipping mopeds, light,


small cars, delivery tricycles

and improbable machines...



Often unpublished

and surprising





Founded in 1990

18 gatherings.

Spare parts

and advice of mechanics.



The races.

The team YDRAL.

The talented pilots !



Size 25,8 x 25,8.

Sewn back hand.


Printed in France



" The beautiful and the great adventure of Ydral in these tempestuous years of post-war, was worth being written.

It's a whole piece of our still recent history and nevertheless almost unknown that recounts, with talent, the granddaughter of the manufacturer of these engines, Catherine-Sophie Bouillard. What a courage!

Bravo Catherine, thanks to your immense work, Ydral will not be forgotten."

François-Marie Dumas
Journalist, author and specialist of motor-

cycles " d'avant et d'après ", director of the website

" That a such brunette, with her charming smile, distinguishes herself in our mechanical universe nothing surprising in that !​

But what she speaks to you of cylinders, monotubes, pistons, scooters or Mochet C.M.Y, is somewhat surprising !

When you are born girl and granddaughter of engine constructors celebrate, it is the universe which cradle you along your life from the earliest days… "


Président of the Association « Bubblecars & Scooters  en Bourgogne »,

« Lover of the engine Ydral ».

" The present work pays a just tribute, that of the granddaughter of Anatole Lardy, and it participates "to the refreshment" our suresnoise memory.

Catherine-Sophie Bouillard has achieved a remarkable inves-tigation to combine an incredible iconography of more than 750 photos and the story of her family and industrial saga with for the main "engine" the name of "passion". "

Christian Dupuy

Mayor of Suresnes, Vice-president of the departmental Council of the Hauts-de-Seine.



Poster created by

Michel Potay in 1952.

Re-edition size


Paper 170 grams.

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